Fuel Finder

FuelAt its core, Fuel Finder is a community of drivers assisting each other with locating neighbouring service stations with the lowest prices. The app doesn’t simply detail the cost for gas – it also allows each user to discover service stations closest to them and search for stations with additional amenities of interest such as air pump, tire services and ATMs.
The app was designed in 2013 to serve the driving population by providing easily accessible information about service stations, and since then has received a spike in downloads due to its nature. Periodic upgrades are applied to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the app, which aims to always ensure the user experience is favourable.

Key Features

  1. Pinpoint the lowest gas prices – Reduce your monthly bill by browsing Fuel Finder’s listing in order to locate the cheapest stations.
  1. Discover stations and their additional features – Discover services and features available at each station such as ATMs, Air Pumps, Convenience Stores, and many more. This tool comes in handy when on a road trip or in unfamiliar territories.
  2. Directions – Get directions to the stations you need when you need them.

Fuel Finder is amazing…..

Our additional epic features are the reason we are remarkable and unique. These include:

  1. Search – The advanced search and filtering capabilities allows each user to find the perfect service station based on individual needs.
  1. Offline Mode – No internet connection? No problem, users are still able to browse and make updates.
  1. Real Prices – Unlike in ads where the media displays recommended selling prices, the prices reflected on Fuel Finder are actual selling prices.
  1. Favourites – Save the stations you prefer for quick access to their details.
  1. Open Community – Become a member of the first Community in Jamaica that provides a channel for drivers to share gas prices and other information with family and friends.

Get Fuel Finder Today

Visit their website www.fuel-finder.com ��to download the application for your Android smartphones and tablets today.

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